Autoservis and Tire Service

Autoservis and Tire Service

Many satisfied customers have gone through our company, and because we work professionally and in good quality, they are happy to return to us and make recommendations to new clients.

Why Car Service and Benke Pneuservice?

1. Speed of repair

Thanks to service capacity and fast delivery, we perform routine maintenance and minor repairs on the day of ordering.

2. Individual approach

Important is personal approach not only to the customer as such, but also to the given problem and its solution.

3. Spectrum of services

We provide all car repair services on our own, possibly with the help of our partners.

Here you will find tire service, car service, diagnostics, geometry, air conditioning and refilling service, replacement of windscreens, service and tire service for trucks, trailers and semi-trailers, buses, tire storage and rental of a replacement vehicle.